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Wall Street Journal

My favorite boutique hotel is Le Dupleix, a restored old manor on the other side of the world, in Pondicherry, [India]. The interior design is a totally charming mix between Indian culture and a French-inspired colonial spirit -Designer Jean-Philippe Nuel

Business Traveller

November 2004

"Classic French design, remarkable hospitality, distinctive music and splendid food with the seashore just a few minutes away are just what you need for an invigorating weekend." "This new designer hotel with the charisma of a forgotten era..." "Each of the specially designed rooms has an inimitable style with a mix of warmth and elegance. As you enter the rooms one gets a feeling of freshness..." "If you fancy a nice evening, climb the staircase with its tiny waterfalls and reach the sit out. Get a couple of drinks and just enjoy the mild moonlight on your face."

Outlook Traveler

September 2004

"The accent is on style rather than pure heritage." "The dramatic staircase with its glass landing reflecting the stunning waterfall..." "A beautifully restored resort that's a pleasing blend of the modern and the ancient, with unexpected touches in each of the rooms."

The Hindu

September 22, 2004

"If you feel a cool breeze blowing across your face it must be the spirit of Dupleix."

Jet Wings

September 2004

"Your journey into French Pondicherry commences as you reach the gate." "The buildings have now been expanded and modernised ... to create a delicate melange of modernity and tradition."

Deccan Herald

August 23, 2004

"The mix of the modern and traditional gives warmth, but at the same time ensures that the hotel is ultra comfortable."

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